Wednesday, 26 January 2011

40 Glocc-C.O.P.S. (Crippin On Public Streets)(Colton)-2011

Friday, 21 January 2011

Gangsta-Wanted (Lynwood)-1995

Resevoir Dogs-Uncivilized (Inglewood)-2001

Peeps-WhichWayzUp (Los Angeles)-2000

bunch of the songs here are produced by BattleCat so u know what kind of sound u can expect.

Luni Coleone & Damu-Independence Day (Sac/San Diego)-2004

VA-Escape From Death Row (Long Beach, 1999)

Ecay Uno Presents The Leery Gang-Keep It In The Family (San Diego)-2004

Lerry Gang are: Ecay Uno, Googie Monsta, Cee Wee 3, LC Janet, Mouch Massive

Lil CS-Ghetto Classic (San Diego)-1999

Disko-iProduce (Inglewood)-2010

Contraband-Streetz Iz Watchin (San Diego)-2006

Damu-Presents One Shot Kill - The Collection (San Diego)-2004

Contraband-Contraversy (San Diego)-2005

This is some Crip chit with production handled by E-Mortal Gang own's Cricet, so u can expect some gangsta music.

Damu-Unreleased Classics Vol. 1 (San Diego)

Mitchy Slick and Damu Presents-Strong Arm Robbery (San Diego)

MarHustle - Really Inn The Streets (San Diego)-2010

Y.G.-Renegade (Compton)-2005

Bomb g-funk album from CPT

Zoo Crew-Migrate Adapt Or Die (South Central)-1998

Nuff said debut from 40Glocc crew and they came with big bang.Album is pure gangsta no gimmicks

Snoopy Blue-The Truth - Loyal 2 The Soul (South Central)

Snoopy Blue-Mr. What It Do Tha Mixxtape (South Central)

Snoopy Blue-My L.I.F.E. (The Soundtrack) (South Central)-2010

New bangin album from E/S own Snoopy Blue. Def one of the best albuns in 2010 fill up with bangin beats and lyrics. Get it when u can cuz i guarantee you soon that album will be on your wanted list

OG Daddy V - The Original Hustla (Compton,2011)

Mad Dog-Off The Leash (Lynwood)-2009

L.A. Wee-Vo-Gotta Maintain (Los Angeles)-2000

Album was recorded in 2000 but due some reasons was released after very long time.This is pure g-funk cd from start to finish.

Bigg Tupp-My Life My Gangsta (Inglewood)-2010

Tha Cor Revelations-Manifesto Of Madness Mixtape (San Diego)-2010

C-Bos Bluez Brothers-The C-Section (San Diego)-2005

Big Prod & DJ Ak - What Side U On ?(South Central, 2010)

VA-Bay Loc Tha Rider Presents The Crip Card Vol. 1 (San Diego)-2010

Treali Duce-A Mans Heart (San Diego)-2010

This is autographed copy from Treali himself

Double R-Hungry Horny High (San Diego)-2010

GV-Ghetto S Voice (Los Angeles)-2009

Young Brodee-Mixtape B4 The Album (Los Angeles)-2010

Reggie Push-619 (San Diego)-2010

Cricet-War Paint (San Diego)-2004

Baby Bandit-Young Fly and Thuggin Mixtape (San Diego)-2010