Friday, 26 November 2010

DJ Skratch-Futuristic Fonk For Tha Millinnium (Los Angeles)-2003

DJ Skratch-Presents Made From Skratch (The Iron Chef) (Los Angeles)-2005

Daz and Fratthouse-Get That Paper (Long Beach)-2010-

Cricet-Blue Damien (San Diego)-2005-

RBX-Broken Silence (Long Beach)-2008-

Goldie Loc-Locd Out (Long Beach)-2005

Jayo Felony-Whatcha Gonna Do (San Diego)-1998

Ecay Uno-Dr. Ecay Vol.1 Mad At The World (San Diego)-2010-

Hound Foundation-Hound Foundation (San Diego)-2002

When 3 of hardest emc's outts Daygo comes together then only what could happend is pure gangsta album and this is it.Cop when when u still can its now already very hard to find

Tha Dogg Pound - 100 Wayz (Long Beach, 2010)

VA-Rep Yo Set 2CD (Los Angeles, 2006)

DJ Skratch-The Remedy (Los Angeles)-2005

Very dope compilation with who's who on the west coast likes: Squeak Ru, Kam, Ms Toi and many many more

Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz-Got Beef - Mixes-2000

This is Australian version of the maxi single with some dope remixes of that classic joint

Mister. D.O.G.-Streets Of Tha Tac (Tacoma)-2010

Seo-Loc-Da Park (Inland Empire)-2010

Really dope release from I.E. own Seo-Loc laid back g-funk

Deveouse Macc-Filthy Rich (South Central)-2004-

This really low budget cd but dont let this fool you. Tha album is bangin from start to finish no rest for the wicked.

K.D and Cebo-Nickel Piece (Compton)-2004

VA-Flammin 2 (Compton)-2010

Bangin compilation straigh from Compton with some OG's from Inglewood as guest on this gangsta cd

Down Foe Mine Records Presents-The Take Off Mixtape Vol. 1 (Compton)-2010

J Wells : Presents Tha Wolfpac Mixtape Vol. 1 (Los Angeles, 2003)

Biznis Men - Money & Politics (Compton, 2007)

The Brokerage Firm - Tax Returns (Compton, 2005)