Friday, 11 January 2013

Big2DaBoy & CollaRossi - West Coast Affiliates (San Diego/Compton, 2012)

G-Bam Da Gangsta - Respect My Gangsta (Compton, 2011)

King T - Still Triflin (Compton, 2012)

Parc$tyle - Laid Down (Compton)

Parc$tyle - Breaking'em In (Compton)

Parc$tyle - ...Fuc* All Dat Bullshit (Compton, 2006)

VA - Compton Gutter Vol.5 Final Chapter (2CD) (Compton, 2012)

VA - 4rom Tha Streets 2 Tha Bricks Vol. 3 (San Diego, 2012)

bangin compilation outta SD with guest appearances from Cee Wee 3, Googie Monsta, C-Band, Wavin West, Treali Duce, Cricet, Tiny DC and many more....

Battle Locco - Dago Bangin' Vol. 1 Mix 2 CD (San Diego, 2006)

DJ Nu-Mark - Broken Sunlight (Los Angeles, 2012)

Special Edition 3 CD

MarvDogg Presents Lynwood City Movement (2012)

Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d City (Deluxe Edition) (Compton, 2012)

Chase-Unreleased Heat Vol. 1 (Long Beach)-2012

Hardhead-Grind Hard (San Bernardino)-2012

Rozelly Presents Da Fam - A Day N A Life... (Arizona/Los Angeles, 2002)

Sean Deez - Ballin' Vs. Rich Vs. Wealthy (Inglewood, 2012)

Sick Beav-Live By The Gun (San Diego)-2005

Mistah F.A.B. & I-Rocc - Face Off (Oakland/San Diego, 2012)

Kokane - Dr. Kokasteun Hosted by DJ Kind Assassin (Pomona, 2012)

Big Hutch - From Pomona With Love (Pomona, 2012)

Cold 187um - The Only Solution (Pomona, 2012)

Lil Half Dead - Dead Serious (Long Beach, 2012)

Lil Spank Booty - Early Release (San Diego, 2012)

Strong Arm Steady - Stereo Type (San Diego/Los Angeles, 2012)

Gee Gee B-Stone - Welcome 2 Daygo City (San Diego, 2012)

Soopafly ‎– Dat Whoopty Woop (Long Beach, 2001)

Bossolo - Everything Ain't Always In Colors (2012, Riverside)

Compton Gutter - Social Networking (DVD, 2012)

Big Doty-The Greenline Mixtape (Gardena)-2012

Big Doty-Bang Bang Muzic (Gardena)-2012

KMG-Ear Candy (Pomona)

E-White-48 Hours The White Album (Long Beach)-2004

Big Bear-Doin Thangs (Houston)-1998

Crimies-Its Gonna Be Alright (Compton)-1998

DJ Batllecat-Gumbo Roots (Limited Edition)(Long Beach)-2012

L-Boy N Boo Loc-Just A Lil Bit Of History (Inglewood)-2004

Yung Blu-The Future Of California (Long Beach)-2012