Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cidal Gang - Go Hard Or Go Home Vol. 2 (Compton, 2006)

compilation from OG Cuicide. Very rare gem impossible to find

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Defari - Likwit Connection/Keep It on the Rise (Single) (Los Angeles, 1998)

Mykill Miers - The Trials Of Job ‎(Los Angeles, 2006)

LC Johnson - The Sun Sets In The West (Los Angeles, 2013)

Tiny Lon Don - Bickin Back Bool Talk Vol. 1 (San Diego, 2014)

Mykill Miers - Killing Spree (Maxi Single) (Los Angeles, 2000)

Flyer Gang - Late Nights & Early Mornings (San Diego, 2013)

Aye Hit - Madd Rapper (San Diego, 2013)

Dazzie Dee - Who'z Down Wit Me (Maxi CD Single) (Los Angeles, 2014)

Spice 1 - I Don't Care What U Say (Maxi CD Single) (2014)

C​-​Stud Vill - Ya'll Ain't Ready (Maxi CD Single) (2014)

Krondon - Everything's Nothing (Los Angeles, 2013)

Big2Da - Big EP (Compton, 2014)

Cartersons - Solo But Not Alone (France, 2014)

ft. Soopafly, Ecay Uno, E-White, Big2Da, Roscoe, Bad Azz and many more

Ceritified - The Wash House (Spokane, 2007)

Bossolo - The Rebirth of Bossolo: The Revival (Riverside, 2013)

whole album produced by VMF aka Steve Vicious

Mykill Miers - It's Been A Long Time Coming (Los Angeles, 2000)

Mykill Miers - The Second Coming (Los Angeles, 2001)

Licwit - Napalm Tha Mixtape Vol. 1 (San Diego, 2012)


J Rush - The Beginning (Inglewood, 2011)

Gipper - No Diggity (Japan, 2013) Produced by DJ Battlecat

G-Fun BOMB!!!!!!

Inferno The Mixtape (Hosted by RBX) (Lynnwood, 2013)

featuring Big2Da, Marv Dogg, Unda Dawg, Ghtetto Flame and many more

Docc Free - Doccstalized Compilation (2013)

with guest appearances from Dazzie Dee, K-Dee, Bokie Loc, E-White, Baby S, & Chag G and many more

OG Domino - Get It Right (Long Beach, 2014)

Big Prodeje - The Realest Shit Ya Never Heard (South Central, 2014)

VMF - Pledge a Groovallegiance (Maxi Single) (San Diego, 1998)

Above The Law - The A.T.L Crime Files (Pomona, 2013)

Menace Burna - Poker Face (Inglewood, 2013)

Cali Untouchable Radio 5- Y.A (Los Angeles, 2005)

Defari - LA Collection (Los Angeles, 202)

XL Middleton Presents Big China Mack (Pasadena, 2013)

XL Middleton - The Hedonistic Album (Pasadena, 2012)

J.Stone - The Coldest Story Ever (South Central, 2013)

Fat Boy Muzik - Love Us Or Hate Us (San Diego, 2012)

VS Productions Presents The Playground Compilation (2013)

Yung Blu - Campaign Muzic (Long Beach, 2013)

Mitchy Slick - Mitchy-Duz-It (San Diego, 2005)

I-Rocc - Power & Position (San Diego, 2008)

Gangsta Nation Trues - Get On Top (South Central, 2013)

Long awaited project from very own Big Prodeje aka Mr Hood Good from SCC

Mitchy Slick - Wont Stop (San Diego, 2013)

Timtation - Time Is Money EP (Compton, 2013)

Boomer - Boombox (Compton, 2012)

Boomer is the son of K.K. From 2nd II None

Unda Dawg - Mad Like A Pit Vol.2 (Hawthorne, 2013)

Unda Dawg - Chow Time (Hawthorne, 2013)

SiccoShazz - Showa Shellz (Los Angeles, 2012)

Violent Funk

Cartelsons - Drugstore Music Compilation(France, 2013)

ft. Soopafly, Ecay Uno, E-White, Big2Da, Roscoe, Bad Azz and many more

Rasco - Global Threat (San Francisco, 2009)